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Quest for Balance

I hope you will join me in my quest of finding balance.

I love my life, I love everything I do. I have new ideas, creative ideas all the time, Even when I sleeping. So I have to write them down. And I want to achieve and accomplish so much, but I feel I have so little time. So I get carried way;  I forget to eat, and sleep.

I come home and spend some time with my family, eat dinner, and then I start working again, and before I know it is 11.30 pm and I have to get up early the next day.

The only thing that I have in my system; that I need to do in order to get some balance is yoga in the morning and meditation for at least 30 min, without being interrupted by any of my family members. I need that meditation. So mind, body mind connection is very important for me. But I am actually a feeling person. So I have to consider all my feelings.  I have to consider all my feelings.

This is where I get my fuel- my work.

I get connected to new people, I love meeting new people, I love creating new dances, new procjects. Teaching.

In my life of work you meet so many exciting people. So I get fuelled there, but ti actually find the balance where body, mind and feelings are in balance all the time, – that has been a challenge for me.

So now I am going to be more and more aware of what I am doing, what kind of chooses I am making. And How I can create more balance in my daily life. What Can I delegate to other people. What do I want to do by myself and what do I want to achieve.

I hope you will join me in this journey, and at the same time you will try to find the balance in you r life. SO I hope we can do this together.

Write to me; Who do you balance your day, balance a busy day wth ith all the things our society demands from u, with a family life, social life, with a healthy body, and at the same time achieving everything you want?

How do make sure that you are all the time growing and learning new things?

How do you take care of your body, mind and emotional connection?

April 27, 2018

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