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Emotionally unbalanced

Today is a difficult day for me and I am finding it hard to be emotionally balanced.

Loss of a dear friend few years ago have anchored a lot of emotions on this date.

I was going to cancel todays post, but my friend used to be very up close and personal, so if I am going to celebrate her, then I have to be up close and personal.

I don’t know what is going on with me today.

This is not about death or my friend for that matter. It is all about feelings and how to get trough a day like this with some understanding of our feelings and internal chaos.

I might not be making a lot of sense but I don’t know what is happening to me today. I woke up and I know what day it is. I had decided to celebrate life because I love my life, I love everything I have, grateful for my life and every one in my life. So I thought; Today is a good day to celebrate.

But while I was talking to my husband about business strategies, I started to cry. The tears would just come. I could not stop them. I was surprised because I was not thinking about anything sad.  I don’t know what unleashed it. You should have seen his face. He did not know what was going on. He did not understand it, he was just so confused. But I was confused I did not understand what was going on, so obviously he was even more confused then I was.

So yes. Today I am very emotionally unstable.

I read this post of Osho today on Instagram;

Pain is cleansing,

Pain is fire; it burns the rubbish in you;

it destroys the unessential.

Just as we purify gold trough fire, consciousness is purified trough pain.

Pain has something to deliver to you.


So I am embracing the pain of loss I am feeling today, and still going about my plans to celebrate life.

Tell me how do you deal with difficult days similar to what I am experiencing today?

How to you make scene of the emotional chaos?

I want to learn. If you cracked the code and know how to deal with these please let me know. Because you might have a strategy that I want to learn. Or maybe other people want to learn.

Share it with me.

Have a nice day and celebrating life!

You don’t need a reason.

Just celebrate life!




May 3, 2018

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