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Vil du få klare svar, tjene penger raskere eller ønsker du et mer balansert liv?

«En størrelse passer ikke alle» og sånn er det med coaching også. Det er viktig å finne en type som passer deg og som matcher dine forventninger. Det kan jeg hjelpe deg med!


I 2019 kommer flere nye kurs både med personlig oppmøte og online kurset.

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Benefits of Meditation- BETTER SLEEP

ENABLES ONE TO HAVE A BETTER SLEEP Many people in the world suffer from sleeplessness and those who are not suffering from it now have had an experience with it at some point in their lives. A particular study examines in contrast, two meditation programs based on mindfulness by randomly assigning those who participated to […]

Benefits of meditation – REDUCTIONS OF MEMORY LOSS

RELATED TO THE AGING PROCESS One may be in a position to keep his/her mind young by boosting his/her attention and maintaining clear thoughts. Kirtan Kriya is a meditation technique that puts together a chant or mantra and a continuous motion of the fingers to help center the thoughts. It significantly ameliorated the ability of […]

General benefits of meditation

Some of the benefits of meditation include:  Reduction of stress  Anxiety control  Promotion of emotional health  Enhancement of self – awareness  Increment of attention span  Reduction of memory loss associated with age  Generation of kindness and happiness  Significant in the fight against addictions  Contribution to a […]

Chakra meditation

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that literally means a wheel or a disk. In Ayurveda and yoga meditation, this term means wheels of energy throughout the body. There are seven major chakras, which align the spine, starting from the base of the base of the spine through to the crown of the head (Swami 2008). […]

Meditation; prayer or awareness

Many people consider meditation to mean a worship or prayer. Nevertheless, this is not right, meditation simply means awareness. It has nothing to do with religion. Because meditation has many of benefits it had been incorporated with in the religion, so people with start to exercise it daily. . Anything that you do that involves […]

Choices that create balance- Quest for Balance

Since the last post I have been think about, Why is it that sometimes I have the balance I want and other times I feel out of balance. I was thinking that when I am being aware, I am judging, I am selecting, I am being very conscious  about my values and my principles and I […]

Emotionally unbalanced

Today is a difficult day for me and I am finding it hard to be emotionally balanced. Loss of a dear friend few years ago have anchored a lot of emotions on this date. I was going to cancel todays post, but my friend used to be very up close and personal, so if I […]

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Quest for Balance

https://youtu.be/AxspXtu1lz0 I hope you will join me in my quest of finding balance. I love my life, I love everything I do. I have new ideas, creative ideas all the time, Even when I sleeping. So I have to write them down. And I want to achieve and accomplish so much, but I feel I […]

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